Wildcrafting Walk + Bundle Dyeing with Catskills flowers
10:00 AM10:00

Wildcrafting Walk + Bundle Dyeing with Catskills flowers

Walk with us our pollinator gardens and river side hamlet to identify and gather flowers to create a fall bundle dye.

Through out this relaxing workshop, we will gently steam petals over the outdoor wood fire pit, and learn how to treat fabrics to be able to take natural dyes, extract color from flowers and natural dye stuffs while experimenting with advanced floral dyeing techniques. Through only a little steam you will learn to transmute assorted flowers into beautiful patterns, on your fabric. This class will also cover using natural additives to create cosmic patterns. 

You will have the exclusive opportunity to discover fashion designer Samuel Snider’s hand dyed collection and pre-ordering his clothing display through out a curated installation at Maison Bergogne.

Our guest chef Ana Ortiz will serve delicious brunch bites and drinks along the workshop to keep us nourished from the land.

Tickets Fee: $165 per adult / $85 per children (up to 12 years old)

This workshop is suited for skilled children. Space and supplies are limited, please reserve in advance.

Takeaway: Gather with kindred spirit to learn to identify flowers in their habitat, master artisanal dyeing and painting skills to create your own breathtaking masterpiece on silk. 

Who are our beloved collaborators?!

About Cara Marie Piazza, natural & artisanal dyer & textile designer.

About Ana Ortiz, chef founder of Day Into Night Kitchen.

About Kay Shuckhart, founder ceramist of Furbelow & Bibelot.

About Samuel Snider, fashion designer.

About Juliette Hermant, hosting artist founder of Maison Bergogne & Fish & Bicycle.

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